Community Voices: Savage bumped out of Scott County legislative districts

by Martin Bracewell
Savage Pacer

We’ve seen some changes here in Savage over the last several weeks, not the least of which has been the weather. I was grilling burgers in the backyard on St. Patrick’s Day. I’m not a year-round griller, so this was a first for me.

The other big change this spring has been political in nature. Scott County’s population has grown so much since the last census that we’ve been profoundly affected by redistricting. Savage is no longer part of the Scott County legislative districts.

At the precinct caucus, my wife, Sherry, volunteered to be a delegate to the BPOU convention, and our son, Joel, volunteered to be an alternate. At the time of the caucuses, we did not know how redistricting would turn out. Little did my wife and son know that they would be called to two conventions: one in Shakopee and one in Burnsville.

In Shakopee, Savage Republicans had to vote on whether to remain part of the Scott County Republicans. Scott County did not want to lose us, but to stay would involve going to two conventions every two years. It was a close vote, but they voted to separate.

Claire Robling will no longer be our state senator. Savage will join Burnsville’s state senate district, where John Doll (DFL) is the incumbent. His endorsed Republican challenger will be Dan Hall. Our state representative, Mark Buesgens, ran for re-election during the caucuses, but now that Savage is becoming part of district 56A, Buesgens has decided that now is a good time to bow out.

Pam Myhra is the incumbent representative for 56A. Sherry and Joel heard her at both of the conventions, and I went with Sherry to hear her speak and to meet her at a legislative update at the Capitol. If you liked Mark Buesgens, you will like Pam Myhra.

Buesgens and Myhra were both featured in the March 30 edition of “Session Weekly,” a non-partisan publication of the Minnesota House of Representatives Public Information Services. This publication can be mailed to you by subscribing online at or by calling (651) 296-2146 or (800) 657-3550. Session Weekly Online is available at

We took advantage of the opportunity to tour the Capitol. It is a truly awesome building, and the tour guides are great. We got to visit the roof for a close look at those gold-plated horses. The chandelier that normally hangs from the main dome was on the first floor being cleaned. It is globe-shaped, and with a couple of panels removed, you can see the multitude of light bulbs inside. It looks kind of like the Death Star under construction in the Star Wars movies.

Now that the weather is nice, we all feel like getting out and going places. The Capitol tour is well worth the short trip to St. Paul. Enjoy this beautiful Spring!

Martin Bracewell is one of several people in the Savage community who write for Community Voices — a column appearing weekly in the opinion and commentary section of this newspaper.