Gubernatorial candidate Seifert calls on Myhra — again

State Rep. Pam Myhra, the newly announced running mate of Republican gubernatorial candidate Marty Seifert, anticipates the question before it’s asked.

Why give up a safe seat in the House of Representatives to run for lieutenant governor on a ticket that has yet to gain party endorsement, much less go on to win the Republican primary and advance to the general election against DFL Gov. Mark Dayton?

Myhra said she’s so confident Seifert can win it all that she’s willing to be risk being out of a job come January.

Seifert, one of six Republicans vying to face Dayton, announced Myhra’s selection Feb. 27. Myhra, a two-term representative from Burnsville, said she won’t seek re-election to the House seat in District 56A, which covers northwest Burnsville and all of Savage.

Seifert is “the best candidate and the right person to unite our party, to defeat Dayton and to lead Minnesota,” Myhra said in an interview.

He looks strong early, winning a straw poll of Minnesota Republican precinct caucusgoers on Feb. 4.