2010 Precinct Caucus Night

On Tuesday, February 2, 2010 Minnesotans will gather together in their local schools and government centers to exercise one of our most important rights: the right to organize and express ourselves politically through the precinct caucus system. Whether you have never attended a caucus or are a long-time activist, we want to encourage you to attend your neighborhood Republican caucus. Precinct caucuses mark the beginning of the campaign season in our great state and form the foundation of our Party.

Click Here To Find Out Where Your Neighborhood Precinct Caucus Will Be Held On February 2nd!

For our Party, caucuses serve several important functions:

1. It’s the start of the platform process
The resolutions passed at caucuses are the starting point for changes to our Party’s standing platform, which states our Party’s principles and beliefs.

2. It’s the start of choosing Republican candidates
The process for electing delegates, who will endorse individuals to become our Party’s candidates, starts here.

3. It’s where our precinct leaders are elected
Local leaders serve as the backbone of the Party. A commitment to forward Republican principles qualifies you to accept this leadership post tonight.

4. It’s the base of our grassroots efforts
With their experience and knowledge, precinct caucus attendees make great volunteers for our candidates and our Party. Our principles cannot move forward without your involvement.

Caucuses are the best way for conservatives to have their voices heard.

If you have any questions about caucuses, please call us at (952) 894-0544, or email pam@pamforhouse.com.