Legislative Update – Dec. 5, 2013

Dear Neighbor,

Today the Office of Minnesota Management and Budget (MMB) reported a projected 2014/15 state budget surplus of $1.1 billion dollars. This projected budget surplus was calculated based on the Democrat’s $2.1 billion dollar tax increase on such items as internet purchases, equipment repairs, cigarettes, and warehousing. In sharp contrast, in the previous two years, the state’s actual budget surplus of $3.4 billion dollars was realized with the Republican budget which included no new taxes or increases in any existing tax rates. While Democrats in St. Paul celebrate a $1.1 billion dollar projected budget surplus, paid for by tax increases on Minnesota families and businesses, the Department of Employment and Economic Development recently reported (page 9) 49% of Minnesota‚Äôs workforce is underemployed. I find no joy in the misery the Democrat’s additional taxes will inflict on Minnesotans nor that so many Minnesotans are not meeting their job potential. You have my commitment to continue to fight for reductions in the tax burden on Minnesota families, while encouraging job growth through improvements in the state’s business environment.

Nevertheless, today’s MMB briefing included positive news of the completely restored reserves (cash flow reserve, $255 million and budget reserve, $650 million) and the fully paid back school shift ($2.801 billion) funded primarily as a result of the last biennium’s actual budget surplus of $3.4 billion.

Although the legislature will not reconvene until February 25, 2014, I continue to meet with constituents and answer correspondence. If you have any concerns relating to state legislative issues, please feel free to call my office at 651-296-4212, e-mail me at Rep.Pam.Myhra@house.mn or write me at 217 State Office Building, 100 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., St. Paul, MN 55155.

Sincerely yours,

Representative Pam Myhra
House District 56A