Legislative Update – State Budget Forecast

Dear Neighbor,

Truly great news was reported this last week by the office of Minnesota Management and Budget (MMB); the state budget forecast is a $1.2 billion surplus for fiscal years 2012-2013! This tremendous turnaround from the $6.2 billion deficit left by the Democrat legislature in 2010 was accomplished with the help of my vote for the long-term, cost-savings measures included in the 2011 Republican budget bills passed last summer.

I am pleased to report the surplus has replenished the state’s cash flow and budget reserve accounts and has begun to pay back the school shift by $318 million.

Additional good news reported by MMB this week showed Minnesota added 15,500 jobs during the month of January, lowering the state’s unemployment rate to 5.6%.

I continue to advocate for responsible state spending within its means, reducing the size and reach of state government, improving Minnesota’s economic environment to promote private sector job growth, and protecting family incomes by holding the line on taxes.

In addition to my legislative work in Saint Paul, it was my joy to read to hundreds of elementary school students for February “Love to Read” Month.

Sincerely yours,