Rep. Pam Myhra Announces New Legislative District

St. Paul, MN – On Tuesday February 21, 2012 a five-judge panel released a new legislative and congressional map for Minnesota. A new map is released every ten years and is contingent on the data from the most recent census. The new map changes the area Rep. Pam Myhra represents from district 40A to district 56A.

When the maps came out last week, Rep. Pam Myhra was paired with Rep. Mark Buesgens in district 56A. Last Thursday, Rep. Buesgens announced his retirement from the House of Representatives after 14 years of service in the Minnesota legislature.

Rep. Pam Myhra announced her intent to seek the Republican endorsement and run for re-election in the newly drawn district of 56A. “I remain committed to serving the people of Burnsville and Savage,” Rep. Pam Myhra said, “though the house district boundaries have changed, the communities remain the same.”

The new district, 56A, is the entire City of Savage and the northwestern quadrant of Burnsville: south of Highway 13, west of 35W, and north of County Road 42 over to Savage.