Letter to the Editor: Rep. Myhra will stand up for Savage in House

Published in Savage Pacer

Rep. Pam Myhra has my vote because she is the best choice to stand up for Savage in the State Legislature.

Rep. Myhra is a proven leader who can bring people from both parties together while maintaining her strong conservative values.

Earlier this year much was written about the resignation of an ISD 191 employee at great cost to the school district with little information disclosed to the public.

Rep. Myhra wrote a bill requiring more transparency and disclosure surrounding public employee termination agreements. The bill passed the Legislature unanimously and was signed into law by the governor.

Rep. Myhra is also a strong advocate for improving the economy and creating a better business environment in Minnesota, which will result in more jobs. She was endorsed by the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce Leadership Fund PAC and the National Federation of Independent Business Minnesota SAFE Trust.

Rep. Myhra is the person both Savage and the rest of Minnesota need in the state Legislature. I’m voting for State Rep. Pam Myhra.

Jackson Harvey