Myhra Creates Some Excitement

Thisweek Live

To the editor:

Pam Myhra, a candidate for the Minnesota House of Representatives in District 40A, created some excitement at our house because we not only share the same profession, but also because we both started our careers at the same major accounting firm.

Even though it was almost a half century ago for me and lasted only five years, I remember everyone at this firm was gifted with common sense, honesty and the ability to think independently. These are all traits we should expect in our elected officials.

Myhra’s opponent was door-knocking before the last election when he stopped at our house. I just could not wait to ask him my favorite question: “What were you thinking when you put $10 million in the bonding bill for a regional performing arts center in Burnsville when we already have more theater seats per capita in this region than anyplace in the country except New York City?”

I also called his attention to the fact the arts was supported by over a half billion dollars of philanthropy in this region, and I could not understand why our tax dollars should be competing with philanthropy.

The response to this question indicated he thought that since the state was going to spend the money anyhow, it might just as well spend it in his district.

This wasteful thinking has got to go, and that is why I am supporting and voting for Pam Myhra for the Minnesota House of Representatives.

Cliff Volkmann