Myhra stands for fiscal responsibility

To the editor:

Pam Myhra, the Republican endorsed candidate for state representative of House District 40A, is my choice for the Minnesota Legislature.

I was pleased to see that she was recently endorsed by Voices of Conservative Women, an organization that identifies legislative candidates based on their support of fiscal responsibility, limited government, and free market principles.

Myhra understands state government needs to set sensible spending priorities and live within its means, just like our families do. She understands the importance of attracting and keeping businesses in Minnesota so quality jobs are available and people can get back to work. Myhra understands we want to make our own spending decisions as individuals and families, rather than have increased taxes and state government making spending choices for us.

Connie Mack

ThisWeek Burnsville
Posted under Letters to the Editor on Wednesday 21 July 2010 at 1:47 pm