Myhra Supports Voter Photo ID

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To the editor:

I am very grateful for the opportunity to vote, to process information from candidates and to read voting records of legislators. There is no other country in the world that offers these protections and privileges of due process.

I am therefore very grieved when I read that the integrity of the voting process is compromised when votes are counted that are cast by illegal felons. The 2008 Senate race, which was decided by recount and decided by 312 votes, had 341 votes cast by illegal felons. Why was there no identification process to determine who is a legal voter?

We need photo ID to drive, cash checks, use credit cards, etc. Why don’t we need to prove identity and address when we vote?

It seems reasonable to pass a law requiring photo voter ID. As I speak with House District 40A candidate Pam Myhra, I hear her support of these safeguards. Our current local state representative voted against this when it was brought before the House of Representatives last session.

I will vote for Myhra to represent me in the next House session of the state Legislature. I hope many others will vote for her wisdom and courage to fight for them on this and other family values issues.

Sharon Auldrich