Support Myhra for State House

To the editor:

Recently I attended a legislative candidate forum sponsored by the Burnsville Chamber of Commerce and was very impressed with the energy and vision of candidate Pam Myhra.

Like many families, Myhra spoke of the priorities and choices her family has had to make given the current economic situation.

Myhra understands joblessness and underemployment are the largest economic challenges facing us today. She also recognizes that excessive government spending isn’t going to propel us into prosperity.

Myhra spoke of the priorities and choices government must make to encourage the creation of private-sector jobs. It is no surprise that the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce Leadership Fund chose to endorse Pam Myhra for House District 40A.

I would encourage all voters in District 40A to join me and vote for Pam Myhra on Tuesday, Nov. 2.

Duane Herbranson