Minnesota Chamber Leadership Fund PAC Endorses Rep. Pam Myhra

Contact: Laura Bordelon

July 17, 2012

Minnesota Chamber Leadership Fund PAC Endorses Representative Pam Myhra for Minnesota House

ST. PAUL, MN – The Minnesota Chamber of Commerce Leadership Fund PAC announces the endorsement of Representative Pam Myhra for the Minnesota House.

“Our PAC’s endorsement is a strong statement to businesses and employees that Representative Pam Myhra is committed to job growth and economic vitality for Minnesota,” said David Olson, secretary/treasurer of the Leadership Fund PAC Board of Directors. “Voting for Representative Pam Myhra is one of the best steps citizens in House District 56A can take to secure their economic future,” Olson added.

The Leadership Fund PAC Board uses specific criteria to determine its endorsements. They include: the candidate’s responses to a questionnaire on the business community’s priority issues, local business community support, candidate electability, leadership on key business issues, and voting records of incumbent candidates.

The Minnesota Chamber Leadership Fund PAC is a state-registered political action committee. The PAC represents supporters from across Minnesota organized to promote the election of pro-business, pro-jobs candidates to offices of Minnesota state government.