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VOICESPAC Endorses Eight for Minnesota House and Senate

1st round of endorsements of fiscally conservative female leaders

Saint Paul, Minnesota, June 30, 2010 – VOICES of Conservative Women (VOICESPAC) released its first round of endorsed candidates for Minnesota House and Senate candidates in the 2010 State Elections.

The (3) Senate and (5) House candidates VOICESPAC is endorsing today are firm supporters of fiscal responsibility, limited government and free market principles. The women endorsed today are knowledgeable and will be the effective leaders of tomorrow.

“These candidates understand that for our economy to grow and for our State to prosper, we must be good fiscal stewards of State finances. These women leaders understand that people provide the best solutions; not a larger, intrusive government,” said Jennifer DeJournett, Director of VOICES of Conservative Women.

“As we continue our efforts to make our VOICES heard, these candidates can be counted on to stay strong on principles and advocate for fiscally responsible policies.”

VOICESPAC published a questionnaire that was comprehensive and met with candidates that have sought our endorsement. We reviewed the candidates’ positions, records, and plans for Minnesota. In 2010 elections, VOICESPAC will actively work to elect our endorsed candidates.

VOICESPAC will be releasing additional endorsements in the coming weeks and months. We will be endorsing additional candidates at the State Legislature, as well as candidates for City Council, School Board, County Commissioner races, throughout the State.

Additionally, VOICESPAC will be honoring several existing legislators and local leaders with “Awards of Excellence”. We intend to honor leaders for their commitment to fiscal responsibility based on their proven track record and for making their VOICE heard on behalf of every day Minnesotan families.

“VOICES of Conservative Women PAC is dedicated to electing leaders who will stand up for our families every day issues and pocket books. This is why who we elect matters at ALL levels of government. We have a great opportunity to make a substantial difference by increasing the number of fiscally responsible leaders in races up and down the ballot,” said Jennifer DeJournett, Director of VOICES of Conservative Women.

“Women play a critical role in our families’ budget and at the election box. Now more than ever, we need to make our VOICES heard in 2010 and beyond,” DeJournett concluded.

VOICES of Conservative Women PAC
2010 Endorsements – June 30, 2010
Name, District Name, Office, Challenger/Incumbent

Michelle Benson, Senate District 49, Minnesota Senate, Challenger

Norann Dillon, Senate District 43, Minnesota Senate, Challenger

Karin Housley, Senate District 57, Minnesota Senate, Challenger

Diane Anderson, House District 38A, Minnesota House, Challenger

Mary Franson, House District 11B, Minnesota House, Challenger

Kathy Lohmer, House District 56A, Minnesota House, Challenger

Pam Myhra, House District 40A, Minnesota House, Challenger

Sanu Patel‐Zellinger, House District 40B, Minnesota House, Challenger